Best of 2013 - Reissues

#10. B'Last - Blood!

Awesome reissue of the classic punk band produced by Dave Grohl.

#09. Rush - Vapor Trails Remixed

I had no idea how great this album really was until I heard the fresh mix on this reissue. Sounds like a completely different (and more enjoyable) album!

#08. Change The Beat: The Celluloid Records Story

Wow! Wanna hear a huge sampling of 80s NYC post punk and hip hop? How about a healthy dose of early-era Bill Laswell? This is just what the doctor ordered. 

#07. Nirvana - In Utero

The Steve Albini mixes finally get an official release! The unused  songs and demos are also a revelation. Plus the full live concert is amazing. Truly a gem for Nirvana and 90s alt-rock fanatics like me.

#06. Bottle Rockets - s/t / Brooklyn Side

This was a pleasant surprise. Tons of out takes and live cuts (including some mind blowing a Chicken Truck demos!!) round out this reissue of these essential albums. If you didn't hear them the first time around, now is the time to catch up.

#05. Devo - Hardcore Devo Vol 1 & 2

So glad this got a recent reissue. The completely wacky early demos of Devo in all their un diluted glory! 

#04. Nilsson - RCA Albums Collection

Do you like rock music and great pop songwriting? 17 discs and a info packet booklet! This is EVERYTHING you need to fall in love with Harry Nilsson. I've spent months immersing myself in this box set and it still knocks my socks off.

#03. Frank Zappa - Road Tapes Vol 2 / Token Of His Extreme

Essential live recordings from the early 70s! The Road Tapes is especially exciting as it features the little-heard ensemble with Jean-Luc Ponty on violin. Zappa's solos also totally slay here! Some great improv pieces as well, so it's not just the same songs you've likely heard dozens of times.

#02. Bob Dylan - Another Self Portrait

I wish Dylan would have released these recordings sooner. Greatly enhances my appreciation of the original album and this era of his music as a whole. The deluxe version features an AMAZING hardcover book filled with details for the a Dylan aficionado plus the full set from the '69 Isle of Wight festival. Crazy good.

#01. King Crimson - The Road To Red

The motherload!!!!!! 21 CDs! A DVD! 2 Blue-Ray discs!! If you want to totally immerse yourself in '74 king crimson, this is obviously the place to do so. I haven't come up for air (and likely never will). The box is also filled with a ton of replica memorabilia and a lavish booklet. Totally unreal!